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Up-and-coming filmmaker with 7 years of film knowledge and production work who was worked on multiple short films nominated and won by multiple film festivals and screenings. Passionate about making the best of each film, providing a uniquely creative and artistic perspective while sharing the magic of film to viewers.


- Cinema Collective Showcase -

Audience Award

"The Mantra"


- Cinema Collective SHowcase - 

Audience Award


Assistant Editor

- Campus Movie Festival - 

Jury Award

"Lunch with the Broski"


Los Angeles City College Fall 2016 Showcase - Favorited Film

"A Colorless World"

Director, Writer, Editor, Actor

Los Angeles City COllege Fall 2016 Showcase - Favorited Film

"Two Sides"

Director, Writer, Editor, Actor

Let's get Personal

     James ("Kimo") Endo was born and raised in Monterey Park, California. He grew up loving to watch TV shows that showed behind the scenes of famous films and the process it took to make it become a blockbuster hit. At an early age, he had an interest in photography. He loved to take pictures with his camera as a teenager and was often known as "the boy with the camera."


     As he entered into high school, he became involved with many extracurricular activities such as Freshmen/Sophomore/Junior Class Vice President, ASB council, swim team, dipped into theater. During his junior year in high school, he was offered to make a promotional video in 2012 for his high school's prom and he took a chance at it. He created a short film that ended up reaching a wide local audience that has gotten about 10,000 views today. (Click here for link.) He loved how film can reach a large audience and has the ability to make an impact on audiences around the world by sharing stories, creating movements, and finding common ground between one another (relatability). With the love of photography and theatre, he decided to combine the two elements which resulted in him taking an interest in filmmaking.


     After graduating high school, he continued his education at Los Angeles City College where he took courses in film and acting. He graduated with honors in December 2016 with an Associates' degree in Liberal Arts: Arts & Humanities and later graduated with honors in June 2017 with another Associates' degree in Liberal Arts: Social and Behavioral Science. With the idea to obtain his bachelor's degree, James transferred to a four-year university.

     He decided to move to San Francisco where he would be attending school at San Francisco State University. While focusing on his education and his interest in film, he also focused on his own self. With the unique experiences of being a minority in the world as an Asian American as well as being a part of the LBGT+ community, he felt he would be able to tell his stories through the use of filmmaking. He graduated with honors with an undergraduate degree in Film Production at San Francisco State University.


     After graduating, he moved back to Los Angeles in hopes for work in the near future. Today, he currently resides in Los Angeles looking for great opportunities that come his way...

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